Vista Transformation Pack 8.0

VTP 8.0 screenshot

The ever so popular Vista Transformation Pack has been updated and released over at Windows X Shrine. It is a nice little GUI overhaul for XP users who want to get the look and feel of Vista. And for you VTP 7 users, the hotfix issue has been fixed in this new version. Along with that fix, there are a few more changes and upgrades in the 8.0 pack, including:

-The ability to save info for later uses and unattended transformations.

-The ability for it to read and detect the target machine for suggested setup.

-New 3rd party apps and upgrades to existing apps.

-Aero Glass without WindowBlinds and Flip 3D has been added to this version.

Here is the link to Windows X Shrine where you can download:

Link: Vista Transformation Pack 8.0


~ by deviantillusionz on November 29, 2007.

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  1. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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